from DVE to one

When I started Dve Clothing Co., I was in one of the hardest times of my life. I did not start teaching yoga to become famous or popular. I actually never thought that would be something that would happen. I just started teaching and spreading the message of Ashtanga yoga because I wanted to help other people. Through travel and the release of my book, I was reaching more and more people, and I wasn't ready for it. As my popularity grew, I struggled with trust issues and being misunderstood. I didn't really trust anyone. I retreated further and further into myself, in order to protect myself. As a result of this, I felt myself insulting and pushing everyone away. I built a wall around me that no one could penetrate. It felt safe. At least for a while.

It was from this space that I started DVE with a close friend and student. All of the shirts were a little dark, vague and had hidden meanings of what I was dealing with. Looking back, it is possible that I hoped this would speak to more people like me. But, because I wasn't clear on who or where I was when DVE was created, the message kept getting lost. My original business partner left. I wasn't really sure where to go with the brand- if I should dissolve it or change it.

Back in February, I realized I needed help with all of the brands that I have created. So I hired my friend and student Abi Wright, who has a knack for thinking outside of the box and keeping me organized. Over the past couple of months, she helped me see where we needed to go with DVE. She brought back in Patrick Moore, a long time student who studied and works in brand and design, (and also created AYC logo a couple years ago)  to really bring focus to where we needed to be (and create some really kick-ass designs for new shirts).

Before DVE began, I had a little shirt company named One Percent Theory. I made a lot of shirts that had to do with Ashtanga Yoga. They were funny, weird, but always pointed towards and spoke to tradition. It spoke to what it is like to be a practitioner of Ashtanga - and reminded us not to take it so seriously. For some reason, we kept coming back to this and the shirts we made back then. 

In a year's time what I found is that I’ve grown and changed. I’m not in that dark place anymore and I don’t want to be there anymore.

So here we are. I am officially announcing the name change from DVE  back to One Percent Theory.

I want to show the world what it means to live passion and purpose and to have fun while we do it. One Percent Theory is Ashtanga Yoga Columbus shirt shop.  We represent a wide mix of people but at the end of the day we got some humor and we all love the practice of Ashtanga yoga. 

The first collection we drop is bringing it back to home- reflecting and celebrating the squad at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus for the hustle and inspiration they bring me on a daily basis.

Big shout out to Patrick Moore and Abi Wright for being my close knit crew on this. We have some sick shirts coming your way. Stay tuned.

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